The world market for hardwood flooring, furniture, and railroad ties (sleepers) is growing with world population growth and advancing economies throughout the globe. Our job is to bring beautiful gifts of nature to be shared with everyone. We do it in a responsible manner and give back what we harvest. Trees are a renewable resource.

Superhardwood S.A. is in the business of supplying hardwoods in the form of round logs, square cut rough logs, flitches (cants) which are rough timbers, and railroadties (also known as sleepers), from many remote locations, worldwide. Our clients process this wood into finished goods for your home or business. We also market new species, so the more popular ones do not become overly depleted.

We supply abundant species, not endangered ones, from forests protected by government permits and in strict accordance with local forestry laws. We also supply from plantations (tree farms). Click on each global area for details of species and background forestry information on each venue.

Before leaving this website be sure to click on the Global Reforestation Initiative (GRI), which we support with donations from each sale. GRI is busy planting trees. Our clients, ocean shipping companies, and our loggers are all contributing something to this effort, and our contributions are often matched by the participating government group.

The Wood Library is a good resource for information on most tropical species by common name and biological name.